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Conditions Of Sale

There is no “First Option” on any horse that is offered for sale. All horses remain on the open market until a 20% deposit is received. If the balance of payment is not received within 14 days (unless specified otherwise in writing by Vendor), 50% of that deposit will be retained and the horse advertised for sale again.

 There is no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied on any horse which is sold.

The purchase cannot be refunded or exchanged.

The decision as to the suitability of the horse for the intended use rests solely with the purchaser and any comments made by the Vendor should have no bearing upon the decision to purchase.  This decision should be based on the Purchasers knowledge, experience and skill and that of the proposed Rider / Handler.  We strongly recommend that an independent assessment of the horse be undertaken if you have any doubts as to your ability to access the horse.

No Trial or Cooling Off period is offered with any sale.

We undertake to disclose the medical history of the horse for the period that it has been in our ownership / control.

We are happy for a veterinary examination at the purchaser's expense to be conducted prior to sale.

We will not be liable for the death, illness or disease to any horse once it has left the property

Horse riding is an activity which can result in serious injury.    All visitors to the property will be required to wear a helmet when riding.  We will not be liable for the death or injury to any person as a result of being in contact with the horse on our property or once the horse has left the property.       

Entry to the property is by appointment only.


Visitors enter the property at their own risk.


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Conditions Of Sale

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