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Name                                  Sire                                     Dam                                                   Status
Wadbilliga Scarlet Rose        Nuniong Dr Bruce                 Rosie 01                                     Sold
Ophir Portellla                       Ophir Imprint                        Ophir Crystal                             Sold
Hardrock Tuckey                  Crosbys Cadet Instant Reflex  Hardrock Smack01                    Reference only
Capree Ribbon                     Capree Designer                   Capree Mystery                         For Sale
Carraba Park Harmony         Beau Polo                             Shellys Harmony Sweet             Sold
Hardrock Missy                    My Discovery                        Annastaysha02                          Reference only
Ophir Amy                          Ophir Reflex                          Ronola Jillaroo                            For Sale
Hardrock Jet                       Ophir Imprint                        Indra Tilly                                    Sold
Kaydee Allas                       Brown Oak                            Kirbys Stud Lassy                     Reference only
Berowie Distinct Talent        Bryjen Fort Talon                    Camelotozi Distinction                For Sale
Hardrock Clover                  Cambalong Sam Dandy           Warrigal Creek Alamein     Sold
Australian Stock Horse - the Breed for Every Need

  We are very proud of our stock horse mares. We are very particular in the selection of our mares. They have to be of the highest quality, excellent conformation and most importantly temperament. All of our mares carry some of the best old bloodlines that we could source.  For their specific bloodlines, click on individual mares.

  We don't have a lot of mares but what we have is top quality mares to match arguably one on the best young stock horse stallions in Australia -  Stellarpark Rockstar  His offspring are proof in the pudding. Stellarpark Rockstar is definitely putting his stamp on his progeny.

Hardrock Tikka                  Stellarpark Rockstar                Hardrock Tuckey                        Reference only
Stampede Sally              Stampede Fort Freedom           Tompson Emily                           Reference only
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SldHardrock Suzie Q              Stellarpark Rockstar                Karraba Park Harmony               Sold
Stampede Fort Echo        Palmers Fort Abdul                  Thompson Emily                        Sold
Stampede Breeze              Stampede Fort Freedom           Tompson Emily                       Reference only
hardrockstockhorses004002.jpg hardrockstockhorses004001.jpg
Hardrock Tina                    Stellarpark Rockstar                   Hardrock Missy                          Reference only