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           Hardrock Breeding Program – Stellarpark Rockstar


This Breeding Contract for the breeding season of  ______ is made and entered

into on (Date) ……………………….

by and between Hardrock Australian Stock Horses, hereinafter referred to Hardrock, and

the mare owner (Name)…………………………….............................................: hereinafter designated

Mare Owner.

Name of mare owner ___________________________________________________________________



Ph No:______________________________________Mobile:__________________________________

ABN:____________________________________________ A.S.H. Mem No______________________

Please make cheques payable to Cliff Davis,

Direct Deposit account will be provided prior to Service.


1. I require my mare to be bred by Natural Service.


Please state if you agree to your mare being run with the stallion.

I agree          I do not agree


2. Service: The mare ___________________________________________Breed_______________

Reg No_____________ will be bred to the stallion Stellarpark Rockstar for the Service Fee of  $…….

A non-refundable booking fee of $300 is to be paid in advance of service and will be deducted

from the service fee. Bookings are only confirmed once the booking fee is


The full Service fee of $…… is to be paid in advance of a walk in walk out service.

All mares must arrive at Hardrock unshod and in good health.


3.Accounts: An account listing all charges including the remainder of the service fee will be

payable upon removal of the mare from Hardrock.


4.Agistment: Agistment is charged at $….. per day. This includes

daily hay. If you wish to supply your own hay, ajistment will be charged at $….. per day. Any other special requirements are charged at $___ per day (ie rugging, separate

paddock/yard/foal at foot).

Mares will be hand served and may also be run with the stallion.

5. Veterinary Attention: The mare owner shall ensure the mare is in a healthy and sound breeding

condition, free from infections, contagious and or transmissible diseases. Inoculations, particularly

tetanus and strangles are to be up to date. Vet fees with regard to the well being of the mare,

pregnancy testing, or to encourage a difficult breeder to conceive, are to be paid by the mare

owner and will be billed directly to the mare owner by the vet. All mares are to be wormed within

a week prior to arrival.


6. Return Rights: Should the mare slip or fail to produce a live foal, Hardrock must be notified.

A veterinary certificate confirming the mare is not in foal, or no live foal has been

produced, may be requested. Hardrock will accept the mare for free return service no later than

during the consecutive season only.

Usual veterinary charges and agistment apply for re-breeding.

If a mare is neglected or undergoes any veterinary interference which terminates the pregnancy

(twinning excepted), or the mare is not returned to Hardrock, this contract becomes null and void. If

the stallion dies, frozen semen is not available or no substitute stallion is standing at stud at

Hardrock, this contract becomes null and void. No refunds will be given. Re-breeding in the same

stud season does not require additional booking fees to be paid. Service fees may not be on-sold or

given to a 3rd party.


7. Approval of mares: Preference will be given to mares arriving in early spring. It is recommended

they arrive ‘in season’ and are removed following ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy 18 days

after mating.  Preference will be given to registered A.S.H. mares, or mares of proven

performance or temperament. If a mare is considered to be an unlikely breeder another approved

mare may be substituted. Mares may be run with the stallion, unless the mare owner does not

agree, however hand service is usual. If in the opinion of Hardrock a mare is of doubtful

temperament or breeding type, Hardrock will request her removal and all fees and accounts will

become due and payable.


8. Sale of in-foal mare: If at the time of the sale the mare is no longer pregnant, or in good health,

this contract becomes null and void. A veterinary certificate of pregnancy at the time of sale is

recommended. Return breeding rights will be afforded to the new owner under the conditions of

this contract.

9. Liability: Whilst every care will be taken, Hardrock shall not be liable for any accident or injury

occasioned to the mare or her foal at foot, while at stud, nor will the mare owner be held

responsible for any accident or injury occasioned to the stallion. Insurance of mares is



10. Walk In Walk Out: Walk in – Walk out of a mare to be live served is acceptable, providing all

booking and service fees are paid prior to service. The mare and the Mare owner are subject to all

conditions listed in this contract. A mutually convenient time will be negotiated between the Mare

Owner and Hardrock, for arrival of the mare. The mare will be served as soon as practicable

following arrival and removed from Hardrock following service.

Maiden mares will not be accepted for walk in - walk out service.

It is recommended that the Mare Owner has a vet check conducted on the mare when she is ‘in

season’ to determine the best timing for service.


11. Embryo Transfer: If the nominated mare is to be used for embryo transfer the mare owner must

clearly declare this, as an addendum in this contract. The mare owner is to supply registration

papers and/or identity details of the recipient mare to Hardrock. A veterinary certificate must be

provided to Hardrock specifying the details and dates of the embryo transfer into the recipient mare.


12. Service Certificate: All progeny of studbook ASH Stallions may apply to be registered with the

Australian Stock Horse Society upon payment of ASH membership fee, registration fee, and

presentation of the official Stallion Service Certificate. All requirements set down by the

Australian Stock Horse Society need to be met in order to apply for registration and are available

from the ASHS website or head office.

An ASH service certificate will be provided supplied following Service.

I require other additional proof of service (please specify):____________________________

13. This Contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. Contract is not transferable

except as specifically stated in this contract. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied

are included unless specifically stated in this written Contract. This contract expressly excludes

any prior representations and understandings.


Conditions accepted by (name)_____________________________________Date___________________


Signature________________________________ (Mare owner or agent’s signature).





MARE DATE OF ARRIVAL_________________




REG NO/S__________________________

COLOUR & BRANDS___________________________________________________________________




OWNER’S NAME______________________________________________________________________


HOME PH NO___________________


MOBILE ____________________FAX___________________





BREEDING HISTORY (Please circle) Maiden / Barren / Foal at Foot

If foal at foot - Foaling date__________ Foal Colour _______________ Sex ______________

Sire of foal ____________________

If Barren how long and reasons


Has the mare ever reabsorbed, slipped, produced a dead foal, or had


Treatments needed at stud previously to conceive___________________________


Please list the name and breed of stallions which covered the mare for the last three



HANDLING DETAILS Temperament (Bossy, shy etc.)________________________________________

Is the mare easy to catch? YES/NO

Usual method if not easy to catch____________________________________________________

Please provide the last dates the mare for:









Sire: ------------------------------------------- [



Dam: ------------------------------------------- [


Please supply a copy of the

mare’s registration papers and a photo (may be emailed).


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